Business continuity & disaster recovery

Proactive data protection, planning and recovery for the most unexpected events.

Is Your Business Prepared for Downtime ?

Through a robust Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan, ACS IT SUPPORT safeguards your critical business assets. Our acclaimed NJ engineers are available round-the-clock to support your business continuity throughout any disaster.

Businesses lacking a BCDR plan face a 60% failure rate post-disaster, with 75% of small to medium-sized businesses lacking a disaster recovery plan altogether. The essential role of business continuity management is crucial for your company’s advancement!

Learn how we can prepare your business for the worst-case scenario!

// How we do it

How we Mitigate the

Threat to Your Data

Data Backup for All Kinds of Disasters

  • Proactive Support & Consulting

    Our round-the-clock NJ team of Microsoft Certified engineers will design a tailored plan to maintain your business productivity.

    We start by assessing your current risk level, then collaborate on risk mitigation strategies, and finally establish disaster response procedures.

  • Natural Disasters & Hurricanes

    Consider this situation: a Category 5 Hurricane warning is issued, your servers are housed in your office, and there's a mandatory building evacuation. What's your continuity plan? Is your technology at risk of theft or flooding if left in the office? These factors are taken into account when formulating your plan.

  • Cyber-Attacks & Human Error

    We acknowledge that not all disasters can be predicted, as the most significant threat to your business may come from within.

    Whether it's an inadvertent click on a malicious email leading to ransomware or an insider attempting system sabotage, we consider all scenarios to minimize potential impacts.

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