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How Strong is Your Cyber Security?

Avoid being a statistic! Your business can do without that spotlight. Utilizing email for communication puts you at risk of cyber security threats like social engineering, viruses, spam, phishing attacks, and ransomware.

Your email system may not be as secure as perceived. Daily, new Data Breaches occur. Reach out for a FREE network security audit to assess your business’s vulnerability to breaches!

Learn how our Managed IT services can secure your business!

What’s Included in our Cyber Prevention Plans?



Our email and spam protection services preemptively remove threats, preventing network impact by blocking spam, phishing attacks, viruses, and malware.



How frequently do you misplace a crucial business email? Our email solutions simplify retrieving archived messages effortlessly.



For industries mandating sensitive data compliance, we aid in maintaining current standards and safeguarding data with suitable storage and security protocols.



We regularly assess all servers and devices to replicate real disaster scenarios, evaluating system performance. The effectiveness of your strategy is only as reliable as the most recent test.

Cyber Security

Facts & Statistics


of businesses experienced a phishing attack in 2021.


of them didn’t have a backup plan and ending up shutting down.


is the current average cost of suffering a cyber-attack

Don’t become a statistic; we can help prepare your business!

How we Protect Your Business Before, During and After a Disaster

  • Data Backup & Testing

    Through a robust backup solution and Managed IT Services, ACS IT SUPPORT can ensure the safety of your critical business assets. Our IT Support team is prepared to address any cybersecurity inquiries and maintain business operations seamlessly throughout all stages of a disaster.

  • Business Continuity Planning

    ACS IT SUPPORT offers free IT audits to assess your current email system, spam protection, and cyber security status. Additionally, we conduct a dark web audit to determine if your business data has been compromised.

    Subsequently, we collaborate with you and your team to evaluate your risk level and devise a plan outlining measures to maintain business productivity during periods of downtime.

  • Peace of Mind You Deserve

    For nearly 20 years, we have assisted top businesses in safeguarding their data. With ACS IT SUPPORT, rest assured that your information is secure with our NJ-based Microsoft Certified engineers. Secure your company against cyber attacks and alleviate the fear of a breach.

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