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What are Managed Security Services?

A Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) is an IT company that specializes in providing security-as-a-service solutions for businesses. MSSPs help lessen the burden on internal IT teams and optimize the time needed for company operations and growth. and develop procedures.

An MSP and MSSP such as ACS IT SUPPORT strives to enable secure access to files and information for clients’ employees from any location. We prioritize user-friendly technology while remaining vigilant about cybersecurity and potential threats.

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Cyber Security

Features & Services

Data Backup Solutions

  • Security Redundancies

    As an MSSP, we offer a broad range of safety redundancies and Data Backup solutions, focused on key areas to enhance a more structured risk response system.

  • Network Monitoring

    Through secure Network Monitoring, our NJ IT team aids in preventing downtime and resolving technology issues. When your network alerts us of a threat, we analyze and confirm it before classifying it as harmful to your business.

  • Dedicated Colocation

    Enjoy the benefits of a private data center without the maintenance burden! By migrating your IT to ACS IT SUPPORT's Data Center Colocation, your crucial business applications and servers are hosted securely. Our IT Support technicians monitor these servers round-the-clock, providing expert assistance whenever you need it!

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Managed IT services

Cyber Security & Network Management

Partnering with an MSSP/MSP like ACS IT SUPPORT ensures protection against downtime caused by cyber threats or data disasters. 

Our cloud security platform allows for the establishment and enforcement of safety protocols, restricting data access to prevent cyber attacks. Tailored options conform to industry compliance standards.

Our around-the-clock NJ IT Support team improves network security, facilitating seamless remote operations for your team.

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